Doctor Hifalutin

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I was supposed to see my doctor today.

I have nontoxic goiter and I have been under medication for almost three years now. It's nothing serious, really. It's just a condition wherein there's an enlargement of nodules (a mass of tissue) or stuff in our thyroid (yeah, right! Let's just say your thyroid's getting bigger!) and it's more common among women. The endocrinologist (a thyroid doctor) I was seeing in the Philippines said I most probably got it from my mom (she had goiter when I was in grade school). I was not aware that I have one until my aunt noticed that my neck was slightly bulging. I knew my mom had one but it never occured to me that I will eventually acquire it. Luckily, mine is not cancerous (because other types of goiter could be). But the doctor said it could take years to cure it (or sometimes a lifelong medication is needed) and so regular check up is a must to monitor if the nodules (whatever!) are getting bigger.

And since a regular check up is needed, I also got to meet another doctor here in Korea. The first time I met him, I was so relieved that he can speak English well. In fact, REALLY well that it was "I" who was a bit struggling to catch up!lol He used a lot of medical terms that when he was talking, I heard stuff like nodules, thyroid gland... blah, blah, function, blah, decrease in blah, blah.. Anyway, you get the picture. It was not that hard though when I tried to really listen and digest what he was saying. Perhaps I was just so overwhelmed with meeting someone, during my first few weeks in Korea, who can actually make MY nose bleed in an English conversation:)

Today was supposed to be my third time to meet him. But I failed to undergo some blood test which, according to the doctor's secretary, was strictly required to be able to see the doctor. I would have to have the test first and then go back Monday next week. So, instead of today's check up, I ended up with a needle encounter that I have always been longing to... avoid!yay! I freak out every time. What a way to start the week!


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