Love at first bite!

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Asul and I were riding our bicycles in an athletic facility near our apartment a few weeks ago when we spotted this beautiful white Great Pyrenees or Pyrenean Mountain Dog taking a walk with some people who seemed to be monks (the dog's probably meditating, too or something!)

I really love dogs (though i'm not very much familiar with a lot of breeds) I have had several pet dogs before and I really had this emotional attachment with them. I also want to have one now and I want this particular dog ( I prefer big furry ones! ) but it needs a big space. And since we are living in an apartment, i don't think it would work:( So to console myself, I just took a picture with this enormous creature. The monks were so accommodating. I guess they were already used to people treating their dog like it's a celebrity or something.

So here it is... ;)

I soooooo lurv it! I wish I could have taken it home:(


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