Love eating at home:)

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It was a Sunday and my husband and I just stayed home (almost!) the whole day. Almost, because my husband had been itching to go to E-Mart (known to be Korea's largest retailer) today to look around and buy something for his pet fish! It seemed so crazy that ever since he got six fish for free from E-Mart two weeks ago, he kept on dragging me to go there almost every weekend (which "I" normally do! He kept on reminding me how much he hates shopping!) I refused to go with him anyway because I was feeling so cold (though it's already spring!) and was not in the mood to go anywhere. And so he went out by himself. But then he called me later on to say we were going to have a sort of "sam gyup sal" (삼겹살, grilled pork strips) party at home today! We used to eat out often before. But ever since we moved out from his sister's apartment, we started preparing food together at home (well, at least only when we eat sam gyup sal... he's the one in-charge of cooking!). And besides, I feel more comfortable eating at home ( I can have as much rice as I can! ) plus it's less costly.

so here's our blast...

Asul was the one cooking!:)

"samjang" (삼장, mixed soybean and red chili pepper paste)

"depa" (대파, green onion)

"ssam" (쌈, vegetable leaf wrap)

Eating time!! (you'd notice there's cheese!haha that's for my "kimchii chige" (김치찌개 or kimchii stew) to make it less spicy:)

And this is how you dig in!:)

I was soooo full I had tummy ache afterwards! I love Sundays!lol


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