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In full support of my sister-in-law and my sewing class teacher (yup, I'm attending a sewing class!) I went to their exhibit in Gwangjin Naru Art Center here in Seoul.

Sewing is "panujil" (바느질) in Korean. I could say that I was somewhat "forced" into it!haha Mainly because my sister-in-law insisted that I should attend sewing class. She's so worried that I might get bored so she always suggests something for me to be busy with (which I really appreciate!) Surprisingly, I became interested in it. Korean "panujil" is very intricate. If you have seen "Hanbok" (Korean traditional clothes) and have looked at it closely, you will see very elaborate designs and will notice that every detail was made by magical hands (well, it was!). I have noticed (and experienced ) the "labor of love" in every piece of work. And I truly admire these people for that.

They didn't actually make Hanbok for this particular exhibit, though. (It would take longer time!) Their works in the exhibit included stuffs like pillows, place mat, curtains etc..

This is Gwangjin Naru Art Center.

The yummy feast they prepared and shared with at the exhibit's opening.

A part of the exhibition hall

My sister-in-law's work

And this is sis-in-law and me!

I could not join this exhibit (most of them are already professionals!) but I want to show my works,too!

Being able to see and actually do these things made me realize how rich Korean culture really is. I hope to learn more in days to come:)



Korea has a rich culture but more important than the culture itself are the people who give importance to it. We Filipinos also have a rich culture, we're not just utterly proud of it. And I felt guilty sometimes not knowing more about my culture whereas I know more of Korea's.

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