Dental extraction jitters

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I have just received this text message from the dental clinic I went to this morning confirming my appointment tomorrow.

"Hyeon Chigwa imnida"
(This is Hyeon Dental Clinic.)

"Kepale Pibi-nim-e yeyag-eun 5-wol 15-il ohu
2 shi imnida"

(Capale Phoebe's reservation is on May
15th at 2:00pm.)


(See you.)

The dentist said my wisdom tooth has to be removed (the entire crown of the tooth is almost gone actually.. only a fragment has been left and it looked to be way deep in my gums!) I can't remember the last time I had an extraction (I would sometimes do it on my own when I was young!haha) and I'm nervous (more than I was the day before my wedding!) because I have a very low tolerance for pain.

Yay!... "eo tteok he?!" (어떡해, What should I do?)


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