Do you feel sleepier when you get more sleep?

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I do! I can even sleep the whole day if you just let me. It's one of my hidden talents! lol

But it's a hindrance for me in so many ways. Like this morning, I was supposed to do some stuff, but right after my husband left for work and I finished doing the dishes, I sprawled on the couch with the remote control in my hand and CNN on TV. Before I knew it, I was in a deep slumber again:( Or sometimes, when I'm on the bus or the subway, I just close my eyes for a while and voila! I'm dozing off again!:)

Is it a medical problem or something? I'm definitely not narcoleptic (well, at least I haven't fallen asleep while cooking!) I guess, I just need to be more active in the morning. I think I should really go to a dance or yoga or aerobic class ( Here I go again,. haven't I said this for the nth time?haha )

hmmmmm... the weather's so gloomy today... it makes... me... want.... to... sleep....... again...


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