Going earth friendly

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It's Wednesday! Aside from my korean language class today, it also means "je hwal yong" (재활용 or recycling)

People in our apartment building dutifully take out stuffs that can be recycled on Wednesdays. (It varies in other areas though like in my sister-in-law's apartment, where they do this every Thursday.) But I do have my lazy moments,haha (just thinking about going all the way down from the 13th floor to the front of our apartment... and besides we don't have much things to throw away since it's just me and my hubby at home) so I normally do this every other week :)

This is where we gather the boxes, cartons, and papers.

And this is where we separate the bottles, milk boxes (I have plenty of it!), yogurt bottles and containers, plastic etc. Each sack has tags indicating what to put in it. But until now, I don't remember what each word means so I have to peek first to know what's inside;)

The trash bins with blue cover (somewhere there in the middle:) are for the left over food (I was trying to look for some cats or dogs around to feed but didn't find any!haha actually they're not allowed in the building that's why:)

As for the "rest" of the trash, small things like tissue or candy wrapper, we can't just put them in a plastic and throw them somewhere. We need to buy this kind of plastic in the supermarket to be able to get rid of our trash. It doesn't cost that much but you could somehow think about lessening your garbage so as not to use up all the plastic you've got and buy again right away.

When it comes to shopping, a lot of Koreans bring their own bags so as not to pay for the plastic bags (they cost 50 won... there's really not so many free things in the world now,haha:). This is a bag from E-mart. Blue and I can actually get a 50won discount if we use this every time we shop there:) It's a very small amount of money... but I like hearing the word discount anyway:)

I had never really done these things until I came here... and it feels good somehow knowing they're tiny steps to saving the environment (naka naman!) :)

How about you? How earth friendly are YOU?


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