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Don't you just love Korean hairstyle? I particularly like TaeYeon's (of Girl's Generation) hairstyle here (top row, girl on the right) except the color! I was actually about to change my hairdo into something like this last year but my first step into "miyong sil" (미용실 or hairsalon) was a disaster!

I was reluctant at first to take this "big step" for my hair because I have always had it straightened practically my whole life (it was not much of a "crowning glory" for me you know and I just don't know what else to do with it) But my sister-in-law talked me into it and I gave in because I wanted to try something new anyway.

So here was the plan. I wanted my hair to be straight on the top and wavy at the bottom (ambisyosa!haha) It was quite expensive (for me!) around 120,000 won... but we haggled with the hairdresser and she finally lowered it to 70,000 won (which was actually the price of simply having your hair straight) She was quite persistent for a hairdresser and she assured me of how pretty it would look when it's done... and so the work began.

I was happy to know how scalp friendly their straightening cream here is. I didn't have any itchy or burning feeling (the way I did when I had my hair straight several times in a regular hairsalon in my home country) even if I got a tiny smudge on my face.

After that, the hairdresser used a digital perm machine to curl my hair. Unlike the normal perm, the digital perm uses a different kind of solution plus heat. It makes the wave in your hair prominent when it's dry and loose when it's wet. The normal perm on the other hand only requires a perm solution and it makes the wave prominent when the hair's wet and loose when it's dry.

After like almost three hours of working on it, when the hairdresser finally removed the first perm curler.... surprise! There was this frown on her face as she said "We an nawa?" (Why didn't it work?) And she removed another curler and another and a few more but the expected curl was just not there. In short, the three hours of labor was not able to make a single wave out of my hair! It was so funny how the hairdresser and a couple of customers waiting were talking in Korean (probably formulating hypotheses as to why my hair didn't curl!)

The ending? I still paid for the service but was asked to go back to the salon a few days later and simply had my entire hair straightened again... without extra charge!:)


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