Changdeokgung Invasion

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Yesterday was not an official holiday but thank God my husband didn't have to go to work (some people had to, like one of my friends who called me up to complain that she was at work today:( ) Anyway, this rarely happens (I mean, my husband having a day off on weekdays!:) ) so we definitely had to do something:) And going to Changdeokgung just came up since we were already in the immigration (as i've mentioned in my previous post) and it was in the same area anyway.

I am not really fond of history (especially Korean history mainly because I get dizzy when I read Korean names of people and places... and i don't remember them anyway!haha) but I have always been wanting to explore Seoul so off we went to Changdeokgung.

Changdeokgung (창덕궁, gung means palace) was originally built as a secondary palace to Gyeongbokgung in 1405 under King Taejong's reign and it served as the residence for many kings. It later on became the main palace until the time Gyeongbokgung was rebuilt (long after it was destroyed during the Japanese invasion).

This is Donhwamun (mun means door or gate) which is the main gate of Changdeokgung.

My husband and me!:) Pityur pityur while waiting for our turn. The guided English tour starts at 11:30.

The ticket costs 3000 won:)

And this is what you call invasion!haha There were lots of tourists of different nationals! Nakakalurkei!:) I saw some Indians, Chinese, Japanese, Americans at kung anik anik pa!:)

I wasn't actually reading.

This is Injeongjeon, the throne hall of Changdeokgung. This was where major ceremonies took place.

And this is Huijoengdang which was the king's bed chamber slash workplace. Note: king's bedchamber... hmmm, how come it was not the king AND queen's bed chamber? How did they make babies?haha My husband laughed and said that they slept separately and then the king slept with somebody else!:)

It seemed that the other tourists were wondering too! lol because somebody asked the guide
as to where they made their heir?haha Well, THIS was where they made their heir!harharhar Daejojeon, the queen's bed chamber! ayun na man pala:)
The king and queen wannabees!:)

After like an hour of walking around, we reached this very serene area which is located in what they called Secret Garden. The group took the much needed rest for like 10 minutes:)

We walked some more after that (luckily I was wearing comfortable shoes! I never thought it would be this exhausting... for me!haha haven't exercised.. i mean REALLY exercised for a long time!)

As thick skinned as I was ( and still am! ), I forced my husband to have my picture taken together with our guide. Isn't she cute?:)


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