The "Puto" Museum

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It was still early when we finished our tour in Changdeokgung so we headed to the "Tteok" Museum which is just a stone throw away. I'm definitely not a museum person but I thought they might give away some free tteok to those people visiting! (haha! I guess that makes me a certified "ajumma" (아줌마) now).

Tteok is korean rice cake or "puto" in the Philippines. I have seen plenty of tteok and they all looked quite the same to me. But this is the only time I learned that the variety of tteok differs according to how they are made. Some are steamed, some are pounded others are fried or boiled.

This is the first area of the museum (located on the second floor of the building). On display were the different types of rice cakes prepared on different occasions. There were so many of them so i didn't dare take a picture of each one. They all looked yummy though:)

A type of rice cake called "song pyeon" (송편) prepared on Chuseok (추석 or Thanksgiving day). I made some of this with my mom-in-law last year:)

The food for traditional rituals are shown on the third floor.

This is a life-size diorama of korean traditional wedding.

And this is an edible decoration during the wedding:) Made of fruits and other delicacies.

According to my husband these thingies are prepared when somebody turns 60 years old or when a couple is celebrating their 60th anniversary.

Our visit was quite interesting. I was a bit disappointed though because I didn't get my free tteok. I think they ought to do that to promote korean culture, don't you think?:)



Anonymous were visit there.
i like this museum and like tteok of 질시루...(질시루 is 1st floor in this bulding)
and i learned how can i cooked tteok

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