It's a Small World

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I was on the subway on my way home last Tuesday when I accidentally bumped into someone I actually know. Now, THAT's not normal since I'm in a foreign country and I don't have that much acquaintances.

He was a student in the language center in the Philippines where I used to work as a part time tutor. His English name was Habi ( as in Homo HABIlis... seriously! I still find it funny how some Koreans choose their English names. I knew some Koreans who named themselves Friday, Bonaparte, Root (as in ugat!), and a couple named Sun and ) Habi still had this sleepy-eyed look which made it easier for me to remember him ( aside from his name!:) ) And he told me that I still looked just as I was before. He invited me to go meet his wife in Myeongdong but it was a bit late already and Myeongdong is like 45 minutes away from my home. We decided to meet some other time with my husband and his wife:)

It was really weird to see him pop out somewhere but it felt good just the same. Small world, indeed:)



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