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I indulged myself yesterday with McChicken, french fries and juice in Mcdonald's for lunch:)

It actually doesn't happen often because first, I decided to have a healthy eating habit as much as possible and second, it was not very cheap. I discovered something though. It was not until yesterday that I learned about the promo that McDonald's has, available during lunchtime (dunno how long it would be running though).

Originally, a set of meal with a burger, fries and drinks costs around 3700-4500 won. I was only about to order a set of cheese burger (because it's the cheapest!lol) but the cashier told me it was not included in the lunchtime promo. They have specific sets like McChicken, Bulgogi burger, Shrimp burger, etc... which each costs 3000 won! Hmm... not bad considering it has fries and drinks,too:)

I've had Korea's McDonald's burgers a few times already and all I can say is that they were incredible! They actually look like the pictures and were absolutely delectable. It's the same with Lotteria (Korea's McDonald's), too! I found myself comparing them to the ones back home which sometimes looked as if the buns were just slapped together (pero in fairness naman, the fries were good!lol ;)

hayy,.. charap charap!:)


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