Meeting over Galbi

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Last night, my husband told me that we will be eating out for lunch today with his friend. The word 'friend' made my ears perk up because he doesn't have much of a social I was glad to hear about it though. Not only will I be meeting someone from his social circle but we get to do something for the weekend,too! (I consider going out more productive than just lazing around at home!lol)

We met his friend in "Hanseon", a restaurant 5-minute walk from our apartment. I pass by this restaurant everyday and almost automatically, I would glance at the window glass where I can see a part of the restaurant teeming with customers (and drool because of the smell..hmmm)lol

I didn't just drool this time though, I also got to dig in :)

"Galbi" (갈비 or marinated beef/pork ribs) was the restaurant's specialty. People generally use soy sauce, rice wine, fruit juice, garlic, sesame seed, oil and garlic to make galbi's marinade. Like samgyubsal, it also goes with some vegetable leaf wrap, mixed soybean and red chili pepper paste and kimchii or other side dishes. I prefer galbi to samgyubsal because I like marinated meat and I was not disappointed this time...

It doesn't look so yummy here but it was!:) I wanted to eat every piece until the bones were clean but shyness took over.haha I wouldn't want to leave such a bad first impression to Asul's friend, would I?


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