Nowon-gu World Day Festival

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Instead of my Korean Language class yesterday, Wednesday, May 20th, we were invited to attend the "Nowon-gu Se-gye-ine nal Festival" (노원구 세계인 날 Festival ).

Nowon-gu (Gu means district) is a residential district of Seoul where we live. It's located in the northeastern part of the metropolitan. "Se-gye" means world and "nal" means day. (I guess I translated the festival's name quite literally!lol ) Festival by the way is "chugje" (축제) in Korean.

There were a lot of Koreans and "we gug in" (외국인 or foreigners) alike. Most of the foreigners I saw there, I assumed, were Asians and married to Koreans. I couldn't tell though how many Pinays were there because I normally find it hard to differentiate Pinays and Vietnamese (unless I hear them speak!;) )

I wasn't about to go there but I felt motivated because I was informed that the foreigners will be given a chance to make a phone call to their respective countries for free!

This was taken while waiting for the program to start. I was surprised to hear the song "Anak" by Freddie Aguilar being played in the background. A lot of Koreans know this song (including my husband!) Some other foreign songs were played as well.

An opening number which really kept me awake!:)

An awarding ceremony followed. These people were given recognition for being active in volunteer work. While I was taking this picture, they were being handed with certificates. I found it strange though that they were not facing the audience. My husband told me that's how it really is done! They just turned to face us when they were about to have their group picture taken (which, by the way, was EXTREMELY organized.. they even practiced before the program started:) I heard a Filipina named "Annaliza" being called on stage. I was just not aware how many Filipinos were awarded.

This was a performace of two Chinese nationals. At first, I couldn't understand what they were actually doing. I just saw them snap a big fan or their cape in front of their face and the audience clapped and "ooohh's" "and ahhh's" in amazement. It was almost half of the performance when I realized that they were changing their masks in just a heartbeart! One time the mask was white, and then red and then blue. Please excuse me, my eyesight is really poor now and I wasn't wearing my

This was the final performance. Aside from the cute pink skirt that she was wearing and the pink and yellow lights in the backdrop which complemented her skirt, I was blown away by her incredible performance. I would normally feel bored watching this type of musical but she was bursting with energy and she actually owned the stage. The audience loved her and asked her to play some more ( I actually thought I heard them shout "More"! I was probably hallucinating. )
The program was finished but I was running late for my other class so I wasn't able to stay longer to avail the free phone call. On my way out though, I received these giveaways. They were in a Lotte Department store plastic bag (probably sponsored).

There were two towels and a pen. Don't you just love free stuffs? I'm starting to be a sucker of them:)


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