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I was sitting in a bench while waiting for a bus when a "halmoni" (할머니 or grandmother ) sat beside me and later on asked me what time it was. Luckily, I have already memorized and used frequently the korean expressions for telling the time!lol... so I was able to answer her question. However, the conversation didn't end there! She continued to chatter and I felt dizzy trying to catch up!lol So, I told her "Hangug-mal jal mot heyo" which means "I can't speak Korean" (I knew this by heart now!) She then asked where I was from and I said I was from the Philippines. (That's from unit one... Introducing yourself !lol ) After that, she told me "Living in Korea is good, isn't it?" (well,.. more or less that's what I THOUGHT she said!lol)

This was not the first time that a Korean told me the same thing. I have met several Koreans and almost all of them either asked me what I thought about Korea or made sure that I have a positive perception of their country.

In almost a year that I have spent living here in Korea, one of the most distinct traits that I've noticed among Koreans is their strong love for their country. They are proud of who they are and they value what they have and what they do. (I can't count the number of times my in-laws mentioned how good a product is if it's made in Korea!)

I'm proud to be Pinoy (seriously!:) one of the reasons that I don't have any plans of changing my nationality) errrrr... but probably not as I wish that I could be more like the halmoni in the bus stop... sometime someday.


Happy Thoughts

I hope Filipinos have that pride too when they talk about their country. Siguro if all us do have that Philippines won't be a third world country anymore.

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