The Ultimate Seafood Experience

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My mother-in-law arrived in Seoul yesterday (she lives in Mokpo, a city in the southern area, 4 and a half hours away from Seoul.) and the whole family went out for dinner to celebrate her 73rd birthday. My husband's family likes "bonding" (their ties are pretty tight!haha but in a good way:)... a lot! We eat together at least once a month and his oldest sister usually cooks. We eat out on special occasions like this, though.

We had seafood this time. We went to "Tamrado Hwe Jib" (탐라도 회집) a seafood restaurant in Gongneung-dong. My husband told me that "Tamrado" is an old name of Jeju-do. "Hwe" (회) means raw and "jib" (집) means house (so it's a raw house!haha) The restaurant actually serves sashimi. I don't really LOVE seafood (as much as I love MEAT!) but I like it. And I feel so healthy just by eating them.

This is not the actual picture of the main dish... but they're pretty much the same. (forgot to bring the camera, plus the phone had low bat!) We had this one during our trip in Gangneung last year.

I actually enjoyed digging in the side dishes more than the main dish. There's plenty of them and they kept on coming! And they were not the usual side dishes like tofu, bean sprout, pickled radish etc, that they serve in many restaurants. There were salad, fish, squid and even a baby octopus (which was still moving when my husband stuffed it in my mouth! I wasn't aware of that till I felt something moving in my tongue! ewwww!)

The dinner's price was astronomical though. A table for four costs around 130,000 won! (and we had two tables!) But it was definitely worth it. I told my husband I wish we could go back there again... just the two of us. And he told me it would probably cost around 60-70,000 won.


too bad I wasn't able to take any picture! We definitely have to go back there!:)


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