Veggies, anyone?

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Last Saturday, at 9:00 in the morning, my eyes were still half closed when my brother-in-law called saying we were about to go to the farm, right this instant, for a picnic!

This is one of my major complaints to my husband. I begged him to inform me at least an hour before if we're about to go out because I need PLENTY of time to prepare! Not that I'm so vain but I do have some simple rituals before leaving home unlike my husband who can just go out after putting on some clothes and not bothering to brush his teeth (ewwww! well, at least ONLY this particular morning!haha He'll kill me for this!)

Anyway, it was not his fault this time because he didn't know either that his family had some plans today. Knowing that my in-laws would be waiting, hindi na ko nag-inarte!haha I just washed my face, brushed my teeth, changed my clothes and put on my pink cap to hide my horrible hair!:) And go na kagad!:)

The said "nong jang" (농장 or farm) was located in Gwangju in Gyeonggi-do which was an hour drive from our home. It was not really the kind of farm that we normally think of... with cows, barns and all. It was just a wide piece of land and my sister-in-law owns a plot where she planted vegetables. Other people have their own plots,too. The government lend these plots for 50,000 won a year. Well, not too bad if you're into gardening.

This was the view from the hut where we rested and ate lunch. It was windy and I was so tempted to take a nap! But my in-laws were around!haha You can see a glimpse of my mom-in-law on the left and my brother-in-law on the right:)

And this is one of the vegetable plots near our cottage:) I saw my in-laws eat these veggies raw! After pulling them out from the soil and washing thoroughly, they went right straight to their... actually OUR tummies! (I had my fair share,too!) :)

And this is me and the sleepy head. Forgive my husband... he does this all the time!:)

We had "sam-gyub-sal" for lunch and the juicy strips of pork made me forget all about swine flu!haha


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