What's with the name?

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PHOEBE (FEE-bee) defined: derived from the Greek "Phoibe", a feminine version of "Phoibus" which means "the bright one". It is also associated with purity, radiance and the moon.

I was named after my mom's bestfriend (who, by the way, is now being called Ebot... hmmm... i need to think of a better nickname when I get older!). I used to hate my name when I was young primarily because people called me differently. You see, I grew up in a small town called Gumaca in Quezon province, which is in the Southern Tagalog Region, and my name's not very common (well at least in my hometown) So a lot of people struggled pronouncing it. Some called me "Pebe", "Pibe", "Poybi" ( and some koreans even mistook it for "Teebee" including my former student and my sister-in-law's husband!) It was just frustrating and funny at the same time!haha My family and friends settled for "Pebi" anway until I finished secondary school. The only people calling me "FEE-bee" were my English teachers in my four years in high school (which was just understandable). I guess even if my classmates already knew how it should be pronounced, they felt uneasy in actually saying it (so did I!). But when I went to college, I instantly felt comfortable since people around me seemed to have known my name all their lives. (I'm still "Pebi" to my high school friends though!haha)

Anway, just a few days ago, I had a new discovery about my name. Here in Korea, they pronounce my name as "Pibi" (피비). They don't have "F" in korean characters but instead of that they use "후" ( which has the sound of 'hu' something like "hureshi" 후레쉬 which is how they pronounce fresh ) It's complicated and it sounds weird with my name anyway,.. "hui-bi"???? (what IS that?!) so I usually introduce myself as "PIBI". But then, as my korean friend and I were talking about names, she told me that my name means "blood" and "rain". I had never thought about the meaning of my name in Korean until she brought it up. "Pi" (피) means blood and "Bi" (비) means rain. Bi, THAT I know of (who doesn't know Rain? a singer and the main actor in Full House) but I didn't know Pi could be that morbid!hahaha Is it a premoniton or what?haha I suddenly hope I do really have Phoebe Halliwell's power!hahaha

hmmm... I'm actually thinking of having a korean name!haha I wonder... Yumi? Yuri?... Sora... Hee Seung... Hyeon Jin... Jeong mi...


Cher@Surviving Korea

i like the name phobe...i actually thought of naming my baby phoebe if had a daughter...kkkk.

Cher@Surviving Korea

oopps...sorry i missed the E in Phoebe....have a nice day


really? I hope your next baby (IF you have any plans) would be a girl!haha :) thanks for dropping by :)

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