The 22nd Korea World Travel Fair

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To make it up to me for turning down my invitation to go out on a date last Friday, Asul decided to take me "around the world" last Saturday... for free!

We went to the 22nd Korea World Travel Fair which was held in COEX, located in Gangnam-gu Seoul, from June 4-7 2009. It was an event which brought together different countries to exchange travel information and promote their tourism :-)

ASul, with my bag and his Sony bluetooth headset listening to 'Way Back into Love' (read: again and again!) lol, checking out what's in the bazaar tents set up in front of COEX:-)

We got this pass by presenting the free ticket we printed off in their site! (otherwise we had to pay 3000won!)

A mascot (which probably had too much candy!) in Seoul's booth:)

The Korean Air booth showcased their new Prestige Sleeper Seat which was said to have been installed this month for flights to New York and Ho Chi Mihn. It has a 180-degree lie-flat sleeper seats, 15.4inch LCD monitors for AVOD (Audio/Video on Demand), adjustable individual reading light, a bigger privacy partition and cushions made with better fabric. Hanggang picture na lang kami!:-)

Countries had different ways of presenting their culture. Several of them showed dance numbers, had a free-tasting of their traditional food and one even had a fashion show! Most of the countries we saw perform were Asians. There were plenty of other countries from different continents, too.
The most exciting thing though was the raffle draw held in some countries' booths. And the prize? (drum roll please!)....... A free trip to their country! We joined one raffle draw and all we had to do was sign up, put our stubs in the raffle box and wait till they pick the winner. There was only one winner though and neither one of us was:( It would be incredible if we got picked, right? Akapta!:(

Because of their groovy music and a touch of modern moves, I thought it's probably a fusion of their traditional and contemporary dance (which would also probably explain why there's too much skin showing off!lol :-)

Thailand also fed the visitors with Khao Kriap Pak Mo, pork wrapped in rice pancakes. Really tasty!:-)

Malaysia's performance had a touch of Chinese and Indian dance:-)

Vietnam had a fashion show to present their gorgeous clothes.

Taiwan, with an element of circus stunts in their performance.

And of course, our very own, Philippines! A dance portraying fishermen, with the women acting (or dancing!) out as the fish:) It was fun and playful and the dancers seemed to be having a great time:-)

I'm in Boracay! (with paperbags!) lol The bold korean letters say "Pilipin-eso nurida" (Enjoy Philippines!)

And the highlight of the event, my photo op with F4! lol Located in the booth of New Caledonia (where some of the scenes in the drama Boys Over Flowers (korean version) were shot)

After like 3 hours of going around the exhibition hall and squeezing out every freebie we could get, we finally went out to go home (and take just one last picture!) :-) This is me and COEX:-)

I was so excited that the moment we arrived home, I checked out the stuffs we got!

We've got a bunch of pens, a fan, a notepad, a bookmark (with the hieroglyphic alphabet) from Egypt, and a cute figurine that Asul won from a game!:-)
Aside from plenty of paperbags (which seemed to be becoming my collection!lol), we got travel guides and maps of different countries. Should we get the chance to ACTUALLY travel somewhere, we'll know where to go!:)
And these cute bags were from Maldives, Duty Free and Seoul.

hmmm... touring "around the world" was not so bad!lol especially if you get to have all these stuffs for free!:-) We're SO going there again next year!:-)



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i made my husband promise before that our second honeymoon will be in maldives. i got pregnant again before the honeymoon. LOL. forfeited na yata.



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