Got a bucket list?

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I had been wanting to watch The Bucket List of Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson and just last night, I had the chance to do so.

It's a feel-good movie about death ( strange, right? how can you feel GOOD about DEATH? You should see the film for yourself;) It's about two terminally ill patients who decide to live their days to the fullest before they "kick the bucket" (which means 'to die')

Prior to watching this film, I had been thinking of making a list of what else I want to do in life. It started when I experienced rafting and riding a cable car to reach the peak of Mt.Seorak which both happened last year and I thought "Hey, I wanna do some more."

And so I just mentally took note of what I want (or wish!) to do and here's what I've got so far:

(in no particular order)

- backpack around Europe

- sing/jam with MYMP:)

- meet Josh Hartnett in person

- do skydiving and bungee jumping

- play a piano piece for Asul (which means basically learning to play the piano!)

- watch the UP oblation run once more (I've seen it twice!;) harharhar

- travel to Palawan and Sagada

- learn the Russian language

- go for a hot air balloon ride

- be married to Asul (again! but in church this time:)

hmmm... there are plenty of things I wanna do I'd just write the rest later:)

How about you, got a bucket list?


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