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Being able to talk to my family regularly keeps me sane:) I usually call my mom once a week. And it would usually cost us 100,000 won (around 80 USD) worth of 8-hour call. I normally use it for three months (sometimes less than 3 months!) and I feel quite bad that we spend as much for phone calls.

Fortunately, after months of research, Asul 'discovered' very affordable packages in KT, a telecommunication service provider, in this site, for Koreans who have foreign spouses.

Through a landline, one can communicate to their families in countries such as China, Thailand, Russia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, India, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Mongolia and Philippines. These countries are divided into groups which have 3 packages to choose from.

As for the Philippines, the monthly cost of Package1 is 9,900won (approx. $8) worth of 60-minute call. Package2 costs 19,000won ($15) for 130 minutes. And 29,000won ($23) for a 200-minute call in Package 3. Should you go beyond the time limit, it would cost you 165won, 146won, 145won (for packages 1,2,3 repectively) per minute.

I personally opted to use the cheapest package because I only call my Mom once a week (but as expected, it was hard to limit the time especially when my Mom chats nonstop!lol) But I thought it's much better. Cheaper and the line's clearer!:)

Thanks KT!:)


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