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As I'm writing this, Asul's already in bed (and snoring! lol :) I always tell him not to sleep when I'm not yet in bed with him and that he should wait for me. But tonight, when I followed him in the bedroom, he was already in a deep slumber! ( so much for saying "Yes!" when I said "Wait for me, ok?" kumusta naman?! )

In fairness to Asul, he was not really in the mood for any sort of communication today, which usually happens when he's not feeling well. I still feel bad about it though..

Bedtime is also our time to talk... just about anything (and my time to cuddle as well!lol:)... what happened for the day, updates about family and common friends... it could sometimes be repetitive but I don't mind. Just the thought of us being able to talk about anything makes me feel good...

But times like this make me FEEL bad!:-( I already tried to sleep beside him but I didn't feel like sleeping anymore (like losing your appetite even before eating!lol) It was as if he didn't know I even exist (with his eyes closed and his probably being in the dreamland by now... that's very much possible!lol)

Okay, so, actually I'm just overreacting! lol


I hope he feels much much better tomorrow, though.


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