The Ring

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A few days ago, I was just about to go out when I had a I-should-be-wearing-something-but-I-wasn't feeling. Out of reflex, I looked at my fingers and noticed that I didn't have my wedding ring! For a long time, I had not worn my wedding ring because I was so worried I might lose it. But for some reasons, I felt like wearing it again so I put them on. The last time I remember slipping it on my finger was when we went out on a Saturday. I forgot all about it after that. It was not until two days later that I noticed it was gone.

No matter how much I tried, the only clear memory of the last time I saw it was in the bathroom where I put it on the edge of the bathtub (yeah, stupid me!) why on earth would I put it there? Anyway, I couldn't visualize though whether I put the ring on again or not. All I could remember was I cleaned the bathroom the next day!

Now, the thought of flushing the ring in the toilet or something like that was too much for me to bear. How could I possibly explain it to my husband? And so I thought of possible places where I could find it. First, in the bedroom (it probably fell off while I was sleeping). Second, in the living room (I usually put it near the laptop when I take it off) and third, in the vacuum cleaner ( you'd never know what treasure lies within!lol ).

I had probably turned the house upside-down but I ended up crossing out the first two options. I saved the vacuum cleaner for last because, believe it or not, when I lost my homework for my sewing class (meaning a small piece of cloth!), I found it there! And so I was full of hope when I opened the vacuum cleaner bag. It had been months since I last changed it and... eewwwww! it was really gross inside (arte ko!haha) but the hell I care! I dug in the dirt with a stick and turned it over and over but no ring was in sight! I would stop once in a while and forced myself to cry (I thought, hey! I should be crying! How come I wasn't?) But my tearducts were not functioning, either. I don't know how long it had been when I finally gave up and thought of some ways instead to replace it... as if I could!lol

After quite a while of searing agony, an energy seemed to have pulled me towards the small cabinet near the bathroom door. Still a bit disoriented, I looked over the stuffs on top of it. My gaze hovered on the wooden card-holder and... voila! My precious ring was there! (I suddenly felt like Gollum saying "my precious!" over and over!lol) and before I knew it, tears were already streaming down my face. I cried my heart out (with sound! I normally cry silently!haha) It felt so good as if something was taken out of my chest. I realized even more that I really value this ring (ergo my marriage:) more than anything... nyay! with all that crying!lol

Asul was laughing so hard when I told him what happened (he liked the part where I actually turned over a pile of dirt in the vacuum cleaner bag) and he apologized that he was not able to tell me sooner that he put it there after seeing it in the bathroom (it's just normal since we are both forgetful!lol lalo na siya!:-)

Lesson learned? Take good care of your important belongings.

oh, and not all treasure can be found in a vacuum cleaner bag:-)


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