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Summer's here and horror movies that will definitely give chills in the midst of scorching heat are, as well. One film entitled A Blood Pledge (or Whispering Corridors 5- Suicide Pact) has just been released here in Korea last June 18. It's about four high school girls who sealed their vow to commit joint suicide through their own blood.

Well, a scary movie is definitely not in my list of 'films that I go for'. The last scary movies I saw were: Ring (I watched it on the laptop with my friends in UP Palma Hall after our group meeting. After that, I wasn't even able to look at the television if it's off for like a week for fear that Sadako might just crawl out of it!) and The Eye(2002) (I was with my two close friends and there were probably less than 15 people in the theater! I couldn't take the elevator after watching the

I hardly saw any of such films after that. I just don't like them... hmmmm, okay, actually i'm just a certified scaredy cat! It's probably hereditary!lol My mom told me how she would cover herself with a blanket while sleeping (especially when she's alone ) though it was sizzling hot and she was profusely sweating. She said she would hear suspicious sounds and imagine strange figures in the middle of the night!lol

As for me,just a few days ago, I was about to go home and my friend's son sent me off in the elevator of the building. He pressed the button longer and hovered for awhile while we say our endless goodbyes. And then he joked at me and said "Museopta! (무섭다 or scary!). I instantly knew what he was thinking and I found myself imagining the old man in "The Eye" with deformed face floating in the corner of the elevator about to turn around and face me.. nyay! I covered my ears and looked away and I still saw my him laughing and pretending to point to someone on the other side of the elevator! Really naughty kid!lol I coudn't take it anymore so I decided to use the stairs. Luckily,we were just on the fourth floor so it was not a problem. (I just wondered though, what if somebody just popped out in front of me? Well, I'm not a bad runner so I thought I could handle that!lol)

Now that elevators have been brought up again, I guess I'll be having problems going out and coming home again for a while because guess what? We live on the 13th floor of our apartment building! (tama ba yun?!lol) (Apparently, in Korea, the number 13 is not as notorious as it is in the Philippines.haha They think that number 4 is the unlucky number because it means death in Chinese language. So you would usually see 'F' floor instead of 4.)

Just the thought of number 13 welcoming me as the elevator door opens gives me goosebumps already!

scaredy cat indeed!:)



Ako naman after watching Ju-on, hirap na akong mag-shower ng matagal. Naaalala ko kasi yung white and pasty boy na may eyeliner!


LOL i remember that! sa trailer ko lang nakita. really creepy, kaya di ko pinanood:)

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