TV Time

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Finally! Asul and I can actually watch something together.

Normally, when we're both at home, it's either he's watching TV and I'm using the laptop, or the other way around. Sometimes, because Asul is the king, he gets hold of both. But since I'm the queen, I get to have either of the two later on (which is quite unfair because I can use both almost all day) lol :)

But we hardly watch something together... i don't know... just different interests? (I don't like action movies and sports games) oh, and different language as well (I rarely watch korean programs because of the extreme case of nosebleeding!lol)

There's this korean drama though. It's entitled "Geu jeo BAraBO daga" or That Fool (Babo means fool) that is being aired in KBS on Wednesdays and Thursdays, 9:55-11:00 (I just love it when they show the programs nonstop without a bunch of commercials in between!) It's a romantic comedy show about a postman (Hwang Jung Min) and a popular actress (Kim Ah Joong) whose relationship started through a 6-month marriage contract.

Surprisingly, the show grew into both Asul and I. It was quite sweet and charming and so much fun to watch. And before we knew it, we were both laughing out loud in some funny scenes...and I feel good!

It wasn't that easy, though. Imagine Asul's frustration when I ask for translation from time to Believe me, bloody translation! lol:)


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