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When Asul and I eat together especially during dinner time, I tend to chatter. I almost always feed him with every single thing that has happened during the day ( except when I buy something that, shall we say,is in our "wants" or "not necessary" list!lol ) and tonight was not an exception...

Me: I went to supermarket today, 'jagiya' (a term of endearment!harhar) and I bought "oiji" (pickled cucumber). I had been meaning to make "oiji muchim" (seasoned pickled cucumber) but hadn't got around to do so... until now. The recipe was in the cookbook we bought. It was quite easy you know. I hope you like it.

ASul: hmmmm...

(there was a little pause)

Asul: What?

Grrrr! Sometimes I want to just strangle him! But I find it funny so I just laugh it out. I remember before when there was a moment when I was getting oh so mushy, and I told him something like how much I love him or I'm thankful to have him or something like that. There was dead air again for a few seconds (while I was waiting for him to reply) before he said... "hmmm...What?" lol

To Asul's defense, he can really speak English well. But he could just sometimes be preoccupied. When he quiets down all of a sudden, he's usually thinking of work ( which makes him quite stressed for a while )

It was one of my fears when we got married... you know... language barrier. A couple who have the same nationality normally have misunderstandings, too, what more if they speak a different language?

And so, I took it upon myself to learn Korean. I discovered though that learning another language would really take some time for me (I really suck!lol)

But then again, when frustration comes, I just think that LOVE is the universal language. It can say things that merely words can't. (nyay! corny!haha)

I just wish ASul can say something else other than "What?"... don't you think? lol


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