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Seeing a lot of korean women who live and breathe style was definitely a "culture shock" for me (who's been trying to dress up but still a certified fashion mess)! I remember reading someone's blog saying that koreans "changed the definition of the word casual". And I think I kinda agree wih that!

Coming from a tropical country where I can just get away with flip-flops, tees and jeans, it was kinda hard for me to adjust. Not that I want to stand out or something or be, literally, a fashionista, but if i'll be walking along the streets of Seoul or meeting some people, I want to be at least presentable (I know that it really doesn't matter what clothes I wear but looking good somehow boosts my self-esteem:)

And so it's been a habit of mine to check different styles of clothes and stuff. So far, the site of The Chic Fashionista has been very helpful. It's very informative for people (like me!) who badly need a crash course in fashion. Through this site, you will get to know your body shape, face shape , the perfect color for you and the likes (which are really essential in finding the right clothes) plus the latest trend and some useful fashion tips that will definitely change your shopping habit. I have learned so much from this site... errrr... at least theoretically!lol We'll see when I go shopping...


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