Gamjatang (감자탕)

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It was a bit late already when Asul arrived home last night and I forgot to take out the "naengche" (chilled cucumber soup which Koreans usually eat in summertime) I made for him for dinner from the freezer (so it was not just chilled but frozen!) so I tried to talk him into eating out instead. We seldom do it on weekdays, anyway. And so we headed to the first restaurant we saw with a large GAMJATANG streamer outside.

"Gamjatang" is a spicy pork bone stew. The word “gamja” means potato and “tang” means stew. Its rich broth is made from boiled pork backbone. This stew generally has assorted vegetables such as cabbage, mushrooms, parsley, green onions and bean sprouts and seasoned with garlic and red chili pepper. This dish is known to be rich in proteins, calcium and Vitamin B1 (from the pork bones) and is believed to prevent snoring as well as aging.

I was just wondering, though. It's called "gamjatang" but I only saw a chunk of potato in it. How come?!lol


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