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1. To receive this award your blog must be exceptional in design and content; presenting us with new knowledge, a sense of style, or at times just giving us a smile!
2. Each recipient of the award will acknowledge (through a link) the person who honored them with the award.

It was so kaka-windang for someone to actually give me this award (i'm so feeling it!haha:) thanks jehan! (por dat sineryoso ko talaga!:)

I also actually have a few people I want to pass this award to. They don't really need this award anymore but I'd like to pass this to them just the same :)

Ate Betchay (nyay! okay lang ba na ate?!lol)- Her blog was the first ever blog about Korea I stumbled into (how can it not be? it's all over google?!lol). I have had a daily dose of it since then. Very informative and there's always something new so it's never boring. Ate Betchay's so accommodating, too! (kala ko mahirap siyang ma-reach!lol) I only sent her an email once to ask her about the school she goes to and she really took her time to reply. She even gave me her number! (first Pinay I got in touch with since I arrived here:)

Ate Wendy (ate rin?!lol) - Her blog is not only very informative but intellectually stimulating as well:) I also love reading her posts about her Little Dynamo :) Plus, she accepted my invite in Multiply (though we barely know each other!) Thanks po!

Cher- How she presents info about Korea is so engaging that you will be left craving for more:) I also love seeing her baby Zach's pictures... soooooooo adorable:)

Emma- I so love her writing style. Witty, at times mushy (a lot of her posts shout "every girl's sentiment!"... well, at least in my opinion) and she has her way of making her posts come to life which makes you look forward to what she's gonna write about next.

Asian Conqueror- Nakakatanggal ng stress ang kanyang mga posts!lol and I was so na-lurkei with his reply when I wrote a comment in his blog once!:)

Thanks guys! Reading your posts made being an expat here in Korea less hard for me (and quite fun,too!) especially when I was having plenty of emo moments when I first arrived here:)

oh,and I want to add Mitch, a dear friend for more than a decade (we're so not getting young anymore!!) it's just so nice to stay updated to what's happening to her (but I hate it when I drool over the food pics she keeps on posting!lol)

Keep on writing people! I'm one your avid readers:)



hey, thanks! i'm flattered! - wendy

Cher@Surviving Korea

thanks phoebe...i really like your name

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