iL-Bak-i-iL (1night, 2days): Etiquette

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After breakfast on the second day of the trip, we had an hour session about Korean "ye-beob" or etiquette.

I have bowed in front of my mother-in-law several times and the rest of the family once but I had no idea whether I was doing the right thing or not. And Asul didn't bother checking me anyway. The thing I knew though is that we bow only once in front of people who are alive and two and a half for dead people.

I remember Dae Jang Geum's first few epsiodes where young girls were being taught how to bow. I finally was able to learn it, too!

We were first taught how to put on "ye beok" or Korean men's school uniform before.

We were all seated on the floor while the teacher was demonstrating how to put on the ye- beok.

Asul and me in our ye-beok:)

Asul was definitely the cutest!haha


Presenting... the graduates?!LOL These were the Koreans and foreign spouses who joined the camp. No kids were around because the staffs found a way to keep them busy (to avoid disturbing their parents!:)


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