iL-Bak-i-iL (1night, 2days): Final Stop

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We saw more of Yeongju the rest of the afternoon and we visited "Seo Won" and Buseoksa Temple.

Seo Won was the first national authorized private high school institute. It was so neat and the environment was so relaxing (too much sun was still burning my skin, though because it was around 12:30 in the afternoon!)

This used to be the students' dormitory.

And this was a diorama of their classroom set-up (they all looked serious!lol)

And this was where they kept their books.

I didn't take more pictures because most of the structures looked similar to me. It was nice to see this kind of place though:)

We left for Buseoksa Temple afterwards.

Now, I have come to see several temples already and I was not actually very fond of them. However, what I appreciate more is the scenery around the structure. Many temples are located on the mountain and the view could really be breathtaking.

This was what welcomed us right after we got off the bus:)

Apple trees we saw on our way up to the mountain.

See how the couple in front of us alternately carried their son?! That's how tiring our hike was!

And this was the start of the 108-step-stairs going up to reach the main hall.

The structure above is the main hall of Buseoksa. It is famous for being one of the oldest wooden buildings in the country. It was nice inside especially the ceiling but we were not allowed to take any pictures.

Asul freshening up:) The water's really cool!

On our way down...

It was around 3:00 pm when we left Yeongju and we were finally back in Seoul around 7:00 pm.


I just wish the weather wasn't deadly hot. It definitely made the trip less enjoyable. And I also wish I was good at Korean. Our guide spoke in Korean and I got tired asking Asul for translation(he probably got fed up answering my questions,too!) And also, I felt so bad knowing that most of the foreign spouses I met were way much better in speaking the language to think that some of them studied only on their own (and I have two classes! kumusta naman?!) anyways...

Over all, it was definitely an amazing trip (what's more amazing than being able to go on a trip for free?!lol) And learning and seeing more of Korea makes me appreciate this country more. Hope URI gets in touch with us again next year!lol :)



what a great freebie this could be!haha!:) Kakatuwa nmn! Kahit kainitan keri lang ah! (Si Blue parang init na init na, kaw nmn smile to the max pa rin) lol! Enjoy po! mwuah!


naku, grabeh talaga ang init noh?!project lng kelangan sa pic kaya uber sa smile:)

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