iL-Bak-i-iL (1night,2 days): Buyongde

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As I have always mentioned, I'm now a certified sucker of freebies:) And so when I was offered to go on a trip for FREE, who am i to refuse?! All I had to prepare were my stuff and Asul's and the adventurous side of me:)

This weekend trip was organized by the United Religions Initiative (URI- Korea). It was actually a camp for multicultural families. Most women, who have Korean spouses, came from countries like China, Vietnam, Philippines, Japan, Cambodia and Mongolia. The purpose of the camp was to familiarize the migrant women with Korean culture and to meet families of similar background as well.

We left around 8:00am last Saturday June 28. I was surprised to see a lot of kids around because I thought it was just actually for foreign spouses. It was just right then and there that I learned it's for the entire family. Luckily, I had forced ASul to come with me... and so we were a family, too! (father and daughter!LOL)

We finally arrived at our first stop, Buyongde in Andong City, North Gyeongsang Province around 11:30am. Buyongde was actually a very old school but we didn't peek inside. We walked past it and hiked for like ten minutes to reach the top of the cliff. I didn't expect it would be THAT hot and we were just so lucky to have brought an umbrella. I was not very conscious when it comes to my complexion (because it was originally DARK brown since I was young!lol dunno how it had got so lighter compared before!lol) but the heat was so unbearable and the shade of the umbrella was really a relief.

The pictures below were taken right from the top. It was overlooking the Hahoe Maum (하회마음 or Hahoe Village) which we visited as well afterwards:) "Hahoe" means that the river goes around the village. Three sides of the village are actually surrounded by Nakdong River.

This is Asul and me:) I was still groggy after staying on the bus for like 3 and half hours (thus with the sunglasses!lol Sayang lang may extra sa likod!lol)


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