iL-Bak-i-iL (1night,2 days): Hahoe Folk Village

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We had lunch right after our first stop in Buyongde. We had a sumptuous meal, with bulgogi (불고기 or grilled marinated beef) as the main dish. After that, we headed straight to Hahoe Ma-eul (하회마을, ma-eul means village).

Hahoe Village is a small old village which was able to preserve not only the structure of the houses but their traditional way of life as well.

People still live here by the way.

Welcome to Andong City!:) Entrance to Hahoe Village. Trivia: Andong City gained popularity when Queen Elizabeth II of England visited here in 1999 for her 73rd birthday.

And this is a bed of "yeon kkot" (연꽃 or lotus flower... cool:)

Our group... sunbathing!lol sooooooper init!

hmmm... an old folk village with a vendo machine!:) (san ka pa?!lol)

Asul said they were traditional soju (whatever that means!lol) "Wi ha yeo!" (위하여, cheers!)

The fences all around the village were made of mud.

This thatched-roof house was where peasants used to live long time ago.

Me, Asul and the 600-something-year-old-tree.

The ropes surrounding the tree were covered with papers where people wrote their wishes.. (im still keeping my fingers crossed!)

This tiled-roof house is owned by Ryu Shi Won, a korean actor. It was called a 'yangban' (aristocrat) villa.

This hole, which can be found near the door of a yangban villa, was where the yangban family put some money for their visitors. It was said to be uncomfortable asking their visitors how much they need to take home with them and so they just put a significant amount in the hole. Wanna slip your hand in? I did! but didn't get any:)

This is the playground for people who have extremely active growth hormone!lol kumusta naman ang mega taas na swing?

I was wondering if they were see-saws or what?!lol They were actually "neol twi gi" (널뛰기). If two people sit on a see-saw, they should jump on neol twi gi.

This is Asul with our first born Japanese-Korean child!lol We were about to go out of the village and we noticed my Japanese classmate (from my Korean language class) struggling to handle her two kids alone. So Asul helped her out. Nice naman Asul! (additional "pogi" points:)


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