iL-Bak-i-iL (1night,2 days): Traditional Motel?!:)

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At last! After a long hot day, we were finally done with the day's itinerary. And so we went to Seon bi Munhwa Su ryeon won (Seon bi means gentleman:) where we spent the night. It was located in Yeongju near Andong in North Gyeongsang province. It was like a very small village with traditional korean houses they call "Haneok". Asul told me that it was originally for people who would like to meditate or go on a retreat.

This is the entrance. And you can see ASul somewhere there in the middle!:)

Everyone's wondering where their rooms were. Bangenge na ko nito.

They looked so nice... felt like I was Dae Jang Geum!lol:)

And this was where we slept! Complete with a fan, an aircon, pillows and warm blankets, errr.... fire extinguisher?! (masyado silang prepared!lol) and complimentary bottles of water (o, di va?!) The only problem was we had roommates in this tiny room... you know, bugs, mosquito and any tiny crawling and flying elements! It was understandable because the place was literally in the middle of nowhere with mountains and stuffs all around. Good thing the room had screen plus they provided insecticide. It was a really a unique experience.

This was taken the next day early in the morning:) hmmm.... fresh na fresh,lol

Asul again.. with our second Japanese-Korean son!haha:)


It was still an exciting day ahead...


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