10 days: Grandma's Big 80 Bash

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Grandma's bash waItalics held last Saturday, August 22 in Barangay Nayon (hehe aka Barangay Hall!)

People normally have to pay for the use of this venue but since my Grandma's the Barangay Captain, siya ang batas!lol It was a gathering only for the family and friends.

This cake was totally different when it was delivered. My cousins and I kinda edited it by decorating it with our cute pictures,lol

hmmm... do green and orange go together? If not, it wasn't our idea, okay? honestly! lol The caterer decorated the place and in fairness, the barangay hall went through a whole new transformation. I heard some people saying how "sosyal" the place daw,hehe

We had this short program (which we normally do when we have family reunion) that was not really short after all!lol One of the visitors actually had to go early for his next appointment and was not even able to eat! tsk tsk tsk The plan was to finish the important parts before eating. I guess we all got carried away.lol

O diva? May video and powerpoint presentation pa! I was sitting there with my two cousins who actually made this happen:) Mga IT genius!lol

My nephew and my grandma dancing to the tune of "SHE". Yay! mala-Julia Roberts eto!:)

My aunts singing Wind Beneath my Wings. Should I tell you how many times they rehearsed the song? Nah... lol Oh, by the way, one of them is my mom! guess who?!

Tadaaaaaan!!!! There you go! That's me with my brother, mom and lola! (grandma) :) Don't you think it's unfair that my lola's the prettiest???!!!hehe

At her age, Lola still has an active social life.lol See? That's her what they call "WALANG KUPAS" (meaning 'not fading', literally!hehe) group, berks, dabarkads something.hehe They were already "Walang Kupas" since I was a baby... or I think even I was yet to be born. They sang their own version of Happy Birthday, astig!lol:)

This was actually a "take 2" already.hehe The first time we tried, most of us were crying... due to uncontrollable emotion!hehe (I guess being a cry-baby is hereditary!) So my older cousin insisted we sing it again. We were singing "Iingatan Ka" by Carol Banawa.

The rest of the pictures were just "kulitan" na lang,hehe Mga adik sa picture! (addicted to picture!)

This is the rest of the family. Aunts, cousins and nephew. Pang- ID picture daw according to the photographer.!lol

Eto naman pa-cute:) hehe

Me and my cousins:)

Jumping, in my stiletto... ang stiff ko noh?! Kelangan pa ng practice!:)

Eto naman adik sa coke! (addicted to coke!) lol My 1-yr-and-8-month-old nephew.

This was after Lola opened her gifts. My mom and and my aunts were vying for the lotion of their choice.hehe Lola can't use any of them so they had a kind of raffle draw to decide who will get what!lol They were actually dancing like EB Babes in Eat Bulaga... or some gurlaloo in Wowowee.LOL

It was such a memorable experience. I'm sooooo missing them all already!

Can't wait for the next one!:)

Love you, Lola!!:)



Saya naman ng party. Your lola is still so pretty. Miss ko ng uminom ng coke na nasa bote like your nephew. Parang ang saya-saya naman ng homecoming mo, kakainggit!


hay naku! Lahat nga, ang comment, si lola ang pinakamaganda sa family (di man lang ako naambunan!hehe) Super nag-enjoy talaga ko kaya super lungkot naman nung umalis na ko:(


hi phoebe, you looked like you had a great time in the Phils. katuwa! =wendy


hi ms. wendy! I did have a great time po, sobra!:) thanks:)


haha! kakatuwa nmn kayo! iba talaga family bonding nyo...da best!:)

u look soOo pretty and ok fugure. it's good hiyang ka sa korean foods.

mishu! mwah!


nyhahahha chalamat, mishi! Mas maganda lang talaga ko sa picture kesa in person!hahah

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