10 days: Tagalog-Korean Greetings

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So... I have this habit of surprising people. In fact, when I booked my flight to the Philippines in April, I never told a single soul. Okay, actually, I was lying. I told my brother, alright.. and my cousin in Saudi. But that's it. Errrr... and a close friend from work plus my bestfriend. That's not a lot,right? Anyway, the bottom line is, my family didn't know. I was planning to just pop out in front of their doorstep! It was already planned! But then a few days before my flight, I thought of what my mom told me. Since she didn't send me off when I first came here in Korea, she definitely had to be there when I come back. And so, my whole plan was ruined! But I felt glad just the same. It was my mom's first time in the airport and I was just happy to let her have this experience.

Anyway, as part of my plan, since I didn't tell them beforehand that I would be able to attend my lola's birthday, I sent them our video greetings to be included in the video presentation. To make it convincing right? (I actually thought it worked! If only my plan was not ruined tsk tsk tsk) hehe

Okay, so just don't throw up while watching. I'm just naturally thick-skinned so I have the guts to post it here.lol Sorry Blue! He'll kill me for this!lol

Well? Just don't say a word... LOL



hehe... mga abnormal noh?!:)


ano ba.. kakatuwa naman to. parang ang giddy-giddy niyo, I'm sure natuwa ang lola mo sa greeting na yan!


hehe Buti nga pumayag si Blue na gawin to. Reluctant pa siya ng lagay na yan.lol
Di ata masyadong naintindihan ni Lola, naaliw lang sila sa pananagalog ni Blue.hehe

thanks for dropping by!:)


Awww...this is such a fun video of you and your hubby =)


hi, i stumbled upon your blog through ms. wendy's. this video is so cute. i'm also married to a korean and im in osan city. i also teach my husband some filipino phrases. i've been wanting to meet other filipinos here in korea. glad i saw you blog.


hi giselle! thanks:)
I haven't had many friends since I came here last year... so I'm always glad to meet another Filipino... kahit pa online lang!hehe

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