Dinner in Alaska

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Okay, so we didn't actually go to North Pole just to have dinner!lol

Since I have been sick (and alone...do i really have to emphasize that?!lol), I was moping at home the whole day yesterday when my niece suddenly texted me saying we'll be eating dinner together with the family that night. I thought it was just an ordinary dinner, which is either in my sister-in-law's house or in a restaurant somewhere in the neighborhood, so I didn't bother to dress up. And I was not in the mood anyway. So I just put on a shirt and sweat pants, combed my hair a little and powdered my nose. With just a cellphone in my hand, I put on my slippers and off I went to my SIL's apartment.

The simple dinner turned out to be a kind of send-away get together for some relatives who are just in Korea for a visit. They are currently living in the Philippines and will go back there next week.

I kinda panicked because they all looked decent and I wasn't.lol And so as we were entering this fancy restaurant, I took a deep breath and thought of a friend's mantra in this kind of situation which is... "Attitude!". No matter how drab I look, with the right attitude... kering keri ko na yan!lol Anyway, actually, it doesn't matter at all. Keber ko ba?!lol

The restaurant we went to was ALASKA (Seafood Buffet and Family Party Restaurant) located in Lotte Mart in Junggye-dong Nowon-gu Seoul which is just a 10-minute drive from our home. They also have stores in Ansan, Bupyeong, Ulsan, Anseong, Guru and Gwangju World Cup Stadium.
This is their sort of logo, that I got from their site, which could be mistaken for an ice cream store or winter wonderland something if not for the small text above Alaska!:)

The place was cozy and I instantly noticed that there were already a lot of customers inside, some seated and some already feasting around the buffet tables. If I had taken my camera and were feeling a little better, I would have taken tons of picture already. But no. I was not in the pityur-pityur mode this time. And I didn't have my camera with me anyway.

They have salad bar, sushi and sashimi bar, the steamed and grilled stuff corner, a special corner where they serve kebab and shabu shabu and MY corner: dessert!!!!! That was the part I enjoyed the most:) They served these cute mini choco mousse, blueberry mousse and mango mousse to name a few (gosh, I lurrrrv them... actually not particularly these ones but cakes and mousse in general). Plus a chocolate fondue (I forgot how many chocolate coated breadsticks I ate:). They do have choux, muffins, cookies, ice cream, and fruits, too (which I couldn't stuff in my tummy anymore cause it was already bulging.lol)

Though I enjoyed the dessert A LOT, the restaurant was not really extraordinary. (I think people always have something negative to say.haha) Hmmm... and I think once is enough. Di bale nang walang picture!lol


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