It's a Small World 2

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Like I've mentioned in my post before, I never expect to bump into someone I actually know when I'm wandering around Seoul. Well, I think I should now:)

We were in the main branch of Kyobo Book Center or Kyobo Moongo, the largest and most famous bookstore in Korea, in Gwanghamun Seoul yesterday. I was looking for some art book I was planning to give my nephew in the Philippines and we had to ask for assistance. Not only was it hard to find where the exact corner was, but it was too crowded as well (what, with all the kids sprawled on the carpeted floor plus their parents who are looking after them) It was Sunday that's why:)

It so happened that the staff my husband talked to and showed us around was one of my students in my group class in the language center in the Philippines! I didn't notice her right away because frankly speaking, Korean faces tend to look similar in my eyes especially in a crowded place like this. Anyway, I was browsing some books when she suddenly asked me "Were you from C21?" I looked at her and realized, hey, she did look familiar! So, I said "Wait, I KNOW you!" and we both laughed. We didn't talk much though because it was still technically time for work so she shouldn't be probably chatting away and we were not really that close so a small talk would do. We didn't even exchange numbers,hehe She probably thought I was a horrible teacher!lol

Again, small world indeed!:)


Cher@Surviving Korea

yup i used to work somewhere near your place .....kkkkk....maybe someday we might bump into each other when i go to lotte department store in nowon....kkkk


hi cher! thanks for dropping by. talaga? I usually go to lotte kasi malapit dun yung korean language center namin:) looking forward to seeing you there some time:)


kimchi or something like it!
Yes, ako nga! Ako nga ang nakita mo nung mOnday, 3:55 flight, cebu pacific, NAiA Terminal 3. Ano ginagwa mo namn dun? pabalik ka din ba ng korea!

Kumusta namn, nagsmall world na tau... di mo man lang ako binati! plada! hehe! sana next time, approach me kaya... para chikahan tau.. waaah! dami ko namiss sa korea!


Ouch, nawala na ako sa blogroll mo! :'(



yay! sorry naman! nagpalit ako ng layout, nawala ka pala sa blogroll ko,heheh ayusin ko...

muwi ako ng Pinas for ten days lang... pabalik na ko dito nung nakita kita:) Matagal ka bang nsa Pinas?

sooooper sorry. batiin kita next time, promise!hehe:)

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