Kimchii Express

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Can you imagine kimchii traveling hundreds of kilometers to reach your dining table? Our's did!

A package arrived in our apartment last Saturday containing kimchii and other "ban chan" (side dishes) as well. There were several bottles,too. All basic stuffs normally used in the Korean kitchen like soy sauce (which has several types depending on what food will be cooked!) and sesame oil (which they use pretty much in everything:) My mother-in-law sent them all last Friday. And I was so thrilled to see our refrigerator THAT full again:)

Well, I'm not really the lazy type of I DO cook for my husband! (really!!) But since there's just the two of us, there's really no need to prepare so much food. But I still feel happy when my MIL or sister-in-law give us food from time to time. (They are probably worried my husband might be malnourished or something!) Anyway, why refuse the blessings?lol

This is one of the convenient things I like in Korea. When you say express, well, it could really be fast (I guess part of their "ppali ppali" culture (ppali means to be fast) I found this site of one of Korea's pioneer in package delivery service and they offer services that cater to people's needs:)

How I wish it was possible for my mom to send me "adobo" and "kaldereta", too when I was all noodles and instant stuffs during my college days.hehe


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