10 days: Onni or Chingu?

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We had this discussion in my korean language class last Friday about being friends.

Apparently, age is really basic in meeting somebody in Korea. After knowing each other's age, then that's the only time the two people can actually establish their relationship (I remember hearing "Sorry, teacher, but may I ask how old you are?" tons of times when I was still teaching Koreans in the Philippines) like who will call "Onni" (used by a younger female to call an older female) or use "jeonde mal" (polite expressions used when talking to an older person). If they have the same age, then they can more or less be "chingu" or friends. But if the other one is older, there has to be some sort of confirmation from the older person that "Hey, we can be friends!" or something like that:) If the person didn't say "friends" in any way, well... just don't act as if you're close,ayt?! Isn't it sooooo toxic?!lol

Anyway, I'm just blabbing about these stuffs because I remember some of my friends that I was able to meet during my 10-day visit back home. I have friends, close friends and a best friend. Somehow, we didn't have to actually say "okay, we are friends" or "okay, we are close friends!"lol We just FEEL it. (right? Don't you feel the same way?) And though a lot of them are older than me, well, not way older but technically older, we can still bond or share things (but i always see to it that I talk to them with respect especially if we have bigger age gap...not TOO much though)

We just met over lunch and a dinner. Madalian lang talaga. It was soooo hard to meet these people (and the others, especially those who work at night) because of the conflict in schedule.

We had a sumptuous lunch in Seafood Island in Cubao.

This was taken in PancakeHouse in Gateway.

And these were in Krispy Kreme... in Gateway,too.

They were all from the language tutorial center where I used to work. And I consider it a blessing that they still consider me as a friend though we seldom see each other:)

For those that I was able to meet... I will miss all of you... (when kaya ang next time?!)

For those that I wasn't able to see (and are now probably crossing me out of their "list of friends" LOL)...Mitch, my high school friends, the badminton people... my kumare's... I'm soooooo missing you, really! (Wag na kayong magtampo!lol) And I'm sorry I REALLY didn't have enough time and I sooooo didn't know what to do!:(

Love ko kayo lahat, promise!:)



onni or chingu? hmm...whatever! I should have been one of these people na nai-treat mo! haha! I was thinking of a blog-to-blog article pa nmn pag nagmeet tayo haha!

oOps, ok na! dnt say sori anymore! haha!
mishu! yabyu! mwah!


oo nga eh, sooooper sayang. Naku, dami sigurong picture!haha ang pinakahuling picture pa ata natin, farewell party ni Clara!haha

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