An Act of Natural Cleansing

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... is a piece written by Lloyd Luna, a career philosopher, author, columnist and the CEO of LLOYDLUNA Communications, in relation to the current plight of our country due to the tropical storm "Ondoy" (internationally known as "Ketsana"). I got this from the LLOYDLUNA site... something for us not only to ponder on but has to do something about.

An act of natural cleansing
By Lloyd Luna
September 27, 2009

Sure, there are sad stories. Nobody expected this incredible flooding to happen. We thought it’s just the “normal” storm and nothing is worth worrying about. Well, it sounded true to me and to so many others until I saw hip-deep water filling the streets of Palanan Village where I hold office.

I looked out the window and saw what
could have been the worst flood I ever saw. I would only see these
car-submerged-in-water, people-walking-in-the-water, and
Edsa-as-longest-open-parking-space, among other dramatic scenes in the news.
Yesterday, it was very real to me. I can hardly go out to get some real food. I
got all the cookies, instant junk food, and canned goods for the day.

For the entire day, I had to submerge myself in Facebook and Twitter among other “internet-based” activities. But even here, I wouldn’t be spared from people
posting their concerns. There are people crying for help and there are people
wanting to help but simply couldn’t. It’s a good thing though that power is up
all throughout.Cable television, live streaming of DZBB, and
became my companion as I go around the web getting some information, posting and reposting them on the web. It was a day and night I’ve never been before.

My family is safe and sound. Only without some real food, I’m perfectly fine as
against actress Christine Reyes who was trapped for hours on the roof before
rescuers finally arrived. Thanks to the media for somehow “forcing” the
authorities to get her and her family. But not all have the same reputation as

And so I thought of asking my friends what typhoon Ondoy has taught
them. And here are some answers.

Maya said, “discipline. love for mother earth. and proper waste management.”

Rhenz said, “I learned this from you, master. that social status is irrelevant when it comes to calamities.”

Jeffrey said, “more sensitivity to those unfortunate people and
to really go down to help even if you yourself also needs a help…”

Christine said, “after being trapped at NLEX just inside the bus for 24 hours i learned to TRUST GOD. I crossed the express way but GOD shooed me back to my bus only to find out that my hero was at the same bus. Thanks to Kuya Bayani who was with me through out the long trip. I’m now home safe and sound.”

Miro said, “Umbrellas does not have much use if most of the water came from under your feet.” and “Boats are a good investment.”

Kenneth said, “God gives us opportunities to forget ourselves and help others in need!! a friend in need is a friend indeed!! what will a man profit when he gains the whole world and loses himself! service to others and not self-service is the greatest gift anyone can give!!”

For my part, I believe that this natural calamity is simply a natural
act of cleansing. We have been too lazy steward of God’s blessings focusing much
on what we can get from this life rather than what we can give. The poor and the
rich, young and old, boys and girls simply don’t care. Left and right, throwing
trashes seems to be a natural part of living. We don’t care until we are caught
flooded and all our properties submerged in deep waters.

Authorities spend so much money enriching and enjoying their stay in public office. On the side, they spend so much advertising themselves. They seem to have allotted more budget on things that matter to them rather than what matters to the people that they sworn in to serve.

As of 10:09AM, death toll rose to 51, most of them coming from Rizal province. There are some more missing. The government said, “it’s the worst flooding in the metro in 20 years.

We all know how this happened and what caused it to happen. We all know why this happened. We all know how to trace and figure out the root of the problem. In the last 20 years, our population grew rapidly. That translates to more people throwing garbage, consuming goods, causing more pollution.

Nothing can be farther than the truth. We have grown in numbers but we have not grown in wisdom.Nobody can tell me that it’s only a natural calamity. It is a natural calamity PLUS irresponsible government MULTIPLY by irresponsible people. The answer to this equation creates a disaster that could have been prevented in the first place.

Unless lessons are learned and wisdom is taken from natural disaster
such as this, it will only get worse. No worry, I will still write about this. I
will still remind those who forget that we are all responsible for causing
something to happen. It is a natural cleansing and may we cleanse the mind that
brought us to this disaster so that in the future, we will be prepared.



hi phoebe! i couldn't agree more with this... nakakaawa talaga but it made me reflect also about our place. I had my OJT at HEDCOR, operating mini hydroelectric power plants in Benguet. They make sure our resources are taken cared of. we have communal forests, the rivers are kept clean... although baguio itself is not getting any better, Benguet people are still doing their best to take care of the environment..

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