It's asthma... NOT swine flu!:)

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I was kinda worried the day before I came back to Korea. Why? I had colds and cough when I was in the Philippines just a few days before my flight. And so I was keeping my fingers crossed that they wouldn't actually put me in quarantine the moment I landed in Incheon.LOL

Okay, so maybe I was too much. But true enough, as I passed by the thermal scan camera, the staff had me on hold when he saw that I checked colds and cough in the health survey form they distributed while we were on the plane. He checked my body temperature and asked me questions like "have you taken any medicine?.. how long has it been?.. and so on. The bottom line was, I was held back for a few minutes and I was wondering if I should call my husband right that instant (I was sooooo wanting to go home!) Luckily, I didn't have any fever. So they told me that in case my condition gets worse, I have to see a doctor. And they finally let me go! whewww!:)

I was really intending to see a doctor because my cough sounded weird and I noticed that I easily run out of breath (really! even when I'm just speaking!). I went to the doctor with my sister-in-law and was prescribed to take medicine for cough and colds. I was asked to come back after 2 days. The doctor's verdict: asthma.

I was honestly surprised and "thrilled" that I ACTUALLY have asthma. Surprised, because I've never had asthma...ever! and I KNOW that I don't really have one. Thrilled because, believe it or not, I have been "wanting" to have one since I was young!lol Really! I thought it was kinda cool and feminine... it's like you're so fragile and all that (cos I'm waaaaaay far from fragile!lol)

After talking to my mom though, I discovered that having an asthma shouldn't come as a surprise to me because I was, in fact, asthmatic when I was like 1 year old. It just didn't show anymore as I grew older. How can my mom keep a secret like that??? LOL OKay, she just probably forgot. And I have never asked her anyway.

However, even if it's not swine flu... being asthmatic makes me even more PRONE to swine flu, right?! Especially now that it's starting to get chilly,.. they predicted how one can easily be infected... really have to be careful!:)


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