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So, it was the third day of our two-month training program that I mentioned in my previous post and it was way much better than I expected :)

They gave us the English as a Foreign Language (EFL) curriculum last Monday and it includes the list of topics that we are about to tackle for the next weeks. There's the methodology for teaching the English language, classroom management, lesson planning and other thingy (my eyesight suddenly became blurry when I browse it But then, I was also thrilled to see fun stuffs like children's literature (poems and story-reading), teaching through puppets, balloon art, teaching english through cooking and drama and there will even be a field trip!:)

Today's topic was so much fun,too! Teacher Tati (can't remember her korean name!) our instructor every Wednesday, taught us lots of children's songs, chants, rhymes and games. I think every inch of my body was all worked up especially when we did the exercise routine and sang the "bus" song where we had to literally wiggle our entire body (boy, that was quite an exercise!lol) But I enjoyed every minute of it:)

Teacher Tati also showed us some of the materials she uses when she's teaching kids :) Memories of my sleepless nights way back in college rushed in (*sigh*) Okay, so that was long time ago. But those were the days when I could barely open my eyes in the middle of the night while working on my teaching materials (can you imagine? eyes half-closed, with scissors in my already trembling hands cutting out stuffs for tons of students... errrr... not really tons but still a lot!:) That's when I thought, I salute those teachers who actually do this consistently:)

Luckily, at this modern age when internet does wonders, teaching stuffs could be just one click away (I was not really able to take advantage of this before though cos it was a struggle for me to have access to the internet so I had to draw most of my materials *sniff* :) Teacher Tati suggested this site- Kizclub where teachers can find fun and useful materials for teaching kids:)

*yawn* Okay, so I'm not used to too much movement anymore I guess I could use a nap... was glad to have burned up some calorie though:)


Cher@Surviving Korea

hahahaha..i used to find teaching materials thru the internet too


share the same sentiments...ang hirap talaga magturo ng kids especially yung nasa preschool pa...kaya salamat internet..mas mahirap kung with special needs pa...but pagnakikita mung nagiging masaya sila, naku...mas rewarding yun kesa manalo ka ng 1 million php.


@ cher

ang dali lang no? haha dami ka na sigurong materials para kay baby zach:)

@ yan

hello! thanks for dropping by:) i've visited your site, kaaliw ang mga posts mo, later balikan ko, basahin ko yung iba,haha :)

teaching ka po ngayon? special ed? special ed kasi major ko pero wala pa kong experience na magturo sa special school. Super true. Napaka-rewarding talaga pag nakita mong super enjoy ang mga kids dahil sa pinaghirapan mo :)


hi phoebe... i actually download printable wordsearch puzzles my students enjoy... i see to it that i choose the themes that would definitely interest them and that the words are also just right or stimulating for their vocabulary range...

i was told not to give them anymore as parents are complaining but after every lesson, the student bug me for a wordsearch puzzle that i even had to search for a wordsearch maker...

oh, i'd better blog on this topic, hahaha....



why did you even start a wordsearch? i get that you're trying to make your class fun, but a GAME is a GAME. They'd keep on looking for it BECAUSE you started it, therefore should not be used UNLESS their lessons were done and there's nothing to do. Didn't you set that as a ground rule?

Ignore me. I learned that lesson three years ago when i was teaching middle school kids.


hi miss phoebe!!
thank you sa pinost mo about Kizclub... i care for kids with special needs and its a big help na malaman ko ang sangkatutak na nursery rhymes at kids songs sa mundo!!haizz...di ako nakapagmajor ng special.ed...sana next year na matuloy....nurse ako, nag vovolunteer sa isang center for kids with special needs tapos full-time carer ng isang 5 year old with development delay

ui thanks sa pagvisit sa honoured!!hehe

Charry Jane

Hi Phoebe,
I'm new to your blog. It's good to be informed about the latest buzz in Kyunghee's crash course for migrant women. I'm one of your classmates there but I decided to stop since I got engaged with so much activites in school.

That's good for you. Goodluck!


Hi Phoebe,
Magka klasmeyt sana tayo dyan sa pinapasukan mo ngayon kung hindi ako nag back out.Nag post ako ng comment noon hoping na magka kilala tayo ng personal sa unang araw ng klase but di nga ako natuloy kasi may good job offer sa akin.Hindi naman ako naghinayang na di ako natuloy coz I heard some negative feedbacks from there.Goodluck sa mga aspiring teachers.


Izzy, weird that i'm asking, but can you pass me where you got this negative feedbacks?

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