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I was one of the 31 applicants (mostly Pinays... there was one who looked like a Chinese) in the English Teacher Training Program for Multi-Cultural Families that were interviewed last Tuesday in the Women's Vision Center in Uijeongbu. A few people who applied failed to show up (so I hope that gives me more chance of being accepted!lol)

I was probably not in my usual self so I was there We were ushered to the computer room and it officially started around 1:20pm. We were oriented about the day's procedure and the interviewers introduced themselves as well. There were only two interviewers, Ms. Jeong Rim Yun and Mr.Jun Hyung Lee who manages the program.

Okay, so I was nervous. I only had a total of four job interviews in my whole life. One: For an agency recommending academic tutors (I honestly can't remember what happened!) I was a university sophomore then and my friends just talked me into it. Trip lang ata namin yuN!:) Two: For a fine dining restaurant where I dreamed of becoming a door We were more serious this time! Determined to be responsible citizens:) But my bestfriend and I were scolded for not wearing suitable I think we were dressed as if we were performing with a streetdance club! The interviewer said she would just call us after. We never received a call.LOL Three: For the language tutorial center for koreans where I worked (mostly part time) for like 5 years. CHikahan lang:) and Four: For a call center job where I stopped after more than a week of training... di ko keri ang time! (I couldn't endure the graveyard shift! haggardness!lol)

Well, the training is not actually a job but there's still an interview. And it made me so anxious. What if I mess up? What if I get tongue-tied?

The interview unexpectedly took a long time because the interviewers talked to the applicants separately. They made a list to put us in order and guess what? Out of 31, I was 28th! Kumusta naman?! Fortunately, they allowed us to use the computers in the room while waiting for our turn... (okay, so fs, fb, multiply and blogger muna

I couldn't help overhearing the others though who were done with the interview. They were talking about what questions were asked like "What's the best way to teach English...?" and "Who is the famous Korean that you know?". Okay, so the first question was kinda easy but I stopped in the second question. The names that came to my mind were Gu Jun Pyo and Sandara Park which, honestly, were not very interview-y Gosh, what will I say? I finally decided to mention the late Roh Moo Hyun, South Korea's former president since he was the most controversial person that I heard about since I came here in Korea. And so I silently practiced what exactly I should say (really!)lol

Anyway, I guess it was useless though because waiting for so long made feel tired and even gave me a slight headache. I'm not blaming the interviewers, they were just doing their job... and in fact, I kinda admire them for being extremely patient in going through this the whole afternoon.

It was around 5:30pm when I was finally interviewed (imagine?!)... and I was the second to the last! Numbers 29 and 30 didn't show up so the next (and last) in line was the 31st. It went surprisingly well and I thought it was more of chatting than of a formal interview:)

All the waiting paid off though because I just got a text message yesterday that I was, indeed, accepted!:) I was asked to report there on Monday, September 7 at 9am.

Okay, so my next problem would be being there ON TIME... not just just on Monday but for the next two months... now, THAT's a different story:)



wow congrats i live near the place...i didn't apply because i can't leave my baby in a day care


hi cher!! thanks:) Naku, feeling ko lahat naman ata nakuha!kkk kasi marami ding di nakarating!lol

sayang, sana naka-apply ka rin, im sure, matatanggap ka kagad:)... if my time ka, why don't we meet? Kahit late lunch,hehe

thanks for dropping by:)
take care!:)


hello phoebe! isa rin ako sa natanggap ^0^ yung "the one who looked liked chinese" taga krygyzstan sya, may isang japanese pa nga dun eh.kta kits tayo sa lunes!


oops may "what's wrong" ako dyan sa prev. comment ko kau na lang bahala maghanap hehehe.



wow! thanks for dropping by!:) looking forward to meeting you in person!hehe

see you on Monday!:)


just drop me a message when we can meet for lunch....kkkk


hi Phoebe! Congratulations i just hope the government will utilize our potentials well and pay us well, haha... meron kase ako nakilala after ng training nya, she was offered a position and salary na about 1/3 lang ng total earnings nya if she'd go to a usual academy and do tutorials... so she declined the teaching offer in the end... i envy you guys though... at least you have/will be having your certificates... ako malayo pa siguro, haha.. i might take my tesol when i get back from PI...


hi jehan! thanks for reading! ang hahaba ng mga posts ko these days,haha

sana nga mabigyan tayo ng mas maraming opportunities... and i agree with you, they should pay us well,too!haha pero mukhang malayu-layo pa ang lalakbayin natin pagdating jan. For now, grab na lang natin as much chance as we can para mas ready tayo later:)

have a safe trip po and enjoy your vacation!:)


congratulations ate pheng!:)

haha!effort kp talagang maaga ka eh noh?!lol! Buti free use of net haha! kakatuwa! 1st step mo na yan, I know u'll go a long looonnggg way! keep it up! mwah!


chalamat!:) problematic na nga ako di pa man nagsisimula,haha
thanks ulet! muah!:)


jehan: yup i had the same experience, immigration officials called me offering me a job in seoul but the salary was way too low and i have to work late(can't leave zach and the pay is not worth it).....i used to work in a hagwon(esl/kindergarten teacher) for 3 hours and i was paid way better than their offer.


hi Phoebe.. your welcome and thank you din.. i really want to make this vacation worthwhile kase di pa sure kung kelan ulit makakauwi, haha...


@ jehan: korek! ako nga rin, di ko na alam kelan yung susunod!haha


may i drop in to dampen the happy spirits here?

Maybe Seoul can provide a better quality of Non-Native (pwede b educated?) English Speakers. And maybe the program up there would provide a fresher uptake on this "Training" thing.

Those opportunities that you mentioned will come, that's for sure. But you people up there better do this thing right. If we are to compete (or snag) the jobs NS's are holding...

As for the interview... i admire your patience. If i were put on the same spot, and i was the 28th, i would have gone home.


hi reijene!

feel free to drop in any time and "dampen the happy spirits here" ,hehe

so far, i'm really satisfied with how the things are going... i mean, in our training. Our teachers are really good and they make sure that we have as much hands on experience as possible. Kaso mejo haggard na every day yung session. Information overload!:)

As for the aspiring teachers...:) Sure, we still have plenty of learning to do. But I do hope na after ng training, we can at least be ready (if not more than ready!:) to be in the field (without making a fool of ourselves... yay!:) Everyone's working hard naman:)

Patience?hehe Thanks. If not for the net access, I would have thought about going home, too:)


i hate my connections, i had to re-type this one again.

good to hear that news. although i am slightly jealous about that information overload. what would i not give to have that...

anyway, i wish you ladies good luck. don't worry, i'm not really a bitch, just one inside my blog. =)

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