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Awww, isn't he adorable??? (walang kokontra!lol) This is the very first baby picture of Asul that I've seen. (Not the type that I can use to blackmail him or something!lol) Luckily, I didn't have to dig it somewhere (it would be extremely difficult! Asul didn't have too many pictures when he was young.) cos Brother-in-law just saved it with some other family pictures in my usb when we met last Chuseok:)

Seeing this picture, I can't help imagining how our baby would look like. Okay... for the record, I'm not yet "expecting" if you know what I but, you know... i'm just wondering... (to the extent that even when I was asleep I had babies in my dream... really! REALLY:)

I'd like to post mine, too!!!hahaha But all of my baby pictures are back home. And it's not as if I will ACTUALLY post them. Unlike Asul's, you can use them to make me do ANYTHING. lol Oh,well! I'd just rather keep them :)


Cher@Surviving Korea

believe me your future baby will look like teh father...same thing happened with my baby zach..kkkkk.


oh, i've been wanting to post one of alex' pictures when he was young... i too believe that our future baby would look more like him, except for the eyes... haha!


Most Fil-Kor kids I saw usually resembles their Korean fathers.


@cher, jehan & emma- hmmm... good news ba ito o bad news?!! kkk

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