Choreob het ta! :)

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We have graduated! :)

The English Teachers Training Program for MultiCultural Families officially ended yesterday, November 2nd (as in literally yesterday! Cos we actually still had to sign the attendance sheet even when we were all dressed to kill and were preparing ourselves emotionally... you know, for the grad tears that might overflow,haha)

After approximately 160 hours of information as well as work overload (and I'm not even kidding... there was a time when I just dozed off for the night... well, it was actually my fault that I always procrastinate:) I can't believe that 2 months is over.

We were given a cerftificate of attendance plus a Nassau umbrella :) And I got another certificate plus English books for being third in the class (okay, so now I'm bragging!haha can I just have this moment please?lol)

But what really marked this occasion was that nice bouquet... which means Asul was there! On a weekday! Specifically Monday! Well, actually, that was with a little push from me. I told him that all of my classmates' families would be there and I would be the only one attending the occasion ALONE ( *wink* i'm just exaggerating, though:) and I still told him something else but I already forgot what I WEll? It pays to threaten your husband from time to time..haha :)

I'm so gonna miss my class... especially the newfound friendship.

I hope it doesn't end here..



Congratulations Phoebe... oh, i envy you.. if only i could go to such training too...


ay, thank you po. I'm sure you'd get to experience the same thing. Super bitin nga ako... mas na-enjoy ko ata ang pagkakaron ng friends kesa pag-aaral,hehe Tsaka yung food, kasi may mga mahilig magluto sa mga classmates ko.. sinigang, dinuguan etc... dala ko lang kanin! So pag breaktime yun ang nilalantakan namin.
hayss, kakamiss:(

Cher@Surviving Korea

phoebe nd pa nga tayo ngkkta ntpos na yung class nyo...pno tyo mgmmeet nyan?kkkkk


LOL oo nga eh. Join pa naman sana si Marge. you know her diba? sama niyo ata siya nung bday ni ms. wendy. Anyway, hopefully may time pag nakabalik ka na dito:) tc!!:)

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