A Christmas Walk

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I had a blast when we went for a walk in Gwanghamun Square last Christmas. They're having the Seoul Festival of Lights this month and it was just incredible:)

This was the video concert of the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra projected to the facade of KT Building.

And below is the light installation showing Korean traditional patterns like chrysanthemums and lotus blossoms.

The guy sitting down here was King Sejong. He's the only person in Korean history that I actually remember!lol Cos he's known for inventing "Hangul" or the native alphabet of the Korean language.

And here's the huge Christmas tree behind King Sejong's monument. It was too crowded, right?!

And there were ice rinks,too! There was one for ice skating and the other one, the picture below, for sled-riding. I would have tried it out if I were wearing more comfortable (and warm!) clothes... cause it was freezing cold! Oh, try to look at the snow in the picture. It was snowing!!!

We ate warm "odeng" or fish cake in one of the stalls on the sidewalk afterwards:)

After shedding some tears on Christmas Eve while talking to my mom over the phone (and overhearing my relatives' laughter... im soooooo envious I just wanted to be there, too!), this walk with Asul was a real treat for me. Plus there was snow!hahaha

HAPPY CHRISTMAS everyone! :)

Breathless (literally!)

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... after belting out Breathless of The Corrs, with matching dance moves in the Christmas party last Wednesday in English Cafe.hahaha

We had a party slash singing contest in the public library where I'm studying Korean. English Cafe is actually for Koreans studying English with some study groups and Native English teachers. But they're also offering Korean classes for expats.

Anyway! It was a pop song contest and I just had the guts to join since I would be in a group. I could just lip-synch or something and let the others do the singing!hahaha and besides it would be fun... (it's been ages since I did anything like this..ummm... grade school??lol)

*This is me with my classmates and our teacher:)

Oh, have I mentioned we got the second place? Not out of three but nine groups??lol And it came with some prize (monetary! *wink* ) I mean, just how cool is that?haha I just had an early Christmas gift! And I can't even sing.lol

Being breathless for a few minutes wasn't that bad:)

Seven shots

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So, it was my first time to meet Asul's colleagues and I had the most number of shots I've had since I came here in Korea (and I don't mean pictures!lol). I was already aware of the so called Korean "drinking culture" but only based on stories from other people. Never thought I would actually experience it myself.

Asul's company's clients treated us (employees and wives) to dinner in Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Gangnam last Monday night. It was a sort of Christmas slash New Year party and we had this really nice Oksan Buffet . I was so saving this day for a sky's the limit foodtrip (pordat, i didn't eat that much the whole day!lol) But as I was digging in my first serving, Asul's boss went around to give a shot of "soju" to all the women in the table. And it wasn't just on ordinary soju. They call it "Andong Soju" ( I wrote something about the place Andong in my post before ) and Asul said that if a regular beer's "level" is 4, Andong soju is 40! No wonder I lost my appetite after that. "Strong" would be an understatement.. It was a killer (and i mean literally!LOL... for me!haha) I think I was given a couple of shots of beer as well after that.

We were almost done with the dinner when they decided to finish off the remaining soju and "maek ju" or beer. We played a couple of games like rock,scissors,paper and counting (ever heard of the game 31?). It was silly but I've never been so terrified of counting whatsoever...EVER... until now.lol You see, the person who wins (or loses depending on what was agreed upon) would have to take the shot with his/her partner. Asul and I are bad at drinking and we were just lucky to have survived with only two shots each in the entire game.

But guess what? It didn't end there! In fact, it was just the beginning. Asul and I were planning to go home after dinner but the group decided to head straight to The Ritz Bar... and it was kinda rude to just leave so we agreed to stay for awhile. The place was amazing though (well, what would you expect from a luxury hotel?!kkk) The interior was elegant and there was a pianist plus I love the bathroom (i don't know why, but I have this thing about bathrooms.lol) I instantly felt like a VIP.lol Except for the smell of cigarette, it would have been perfect:) Anyway, though Asul and I specifically ordered soft drinks as if to say that "hey, we're not drinking anymore", we were still not spared from the next round (or the remaining rounds for that matter). This time we had a 17-year-old Ballentine and they mixed it with the remaining "maek ju" . It wasn't TOO bad and they put plenty of ice anyway so the taste wasn't that strong. And off the counting and "gai, bai, bo" (scissors, rock, paper) went again. The rest was history.LOL

**picture taken after going out of the bar. (sooo bangenge but still had the effort to smile:) Is it blurry? The photographer's probably bangenge,too!lol

I wouldn't say it was a horrible experience.haha It was a pleasure to meet the people that my husband talk to me about so often. And they were a nice bunch of people:)

The best thing though was that I was able to know more about my husband. His boss, his co-workers and their clients all told me that Asul was "che-go" meaning "the best" in terms of personality and when it comes to work:) And I was just so proud to hear that. And he was just so sweet when he took the shots which were supposedly for me (even if he was close to throwing up or something like that,.. poor asul!)

I hate it when I sound soooooo cheesy but can I just say that I think I'm falling for my husband even MORE?!!kkk The seven shots was all worth it:)

8 mice on my 25th

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Okay, since I'm in Korea.. it's actually 27th (how cruel is that???LOL)

I had an advance birthday celeb with Asul and my in-laws in Buyeo last Saturday:) I was actually surprised cos I wasn't expecting anything for my birthday this year (errrr... okay, actually I WAS expecting... but only a little.haha:) The 7th fell on a Monday and it's always a busy day. But it so happened that the family decided to spend the weekend in the county for a mini-kimjang session:) And since almost everybody would be there, Asul secretly asked his sister to buy me a cake and have my "saeng-il pa-ti" (birthday party) as well.

Last year, I had an ice cream cake with a cool snowman on top... This year, I had sweet potato cake with 8 mice on top! (i didn't know at first whether I should find it cute or gross!hahahah But i decided to stick to the former:)

It was one heck of a mouse!lol yum!:)