8 mice on my 25th

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Okay, since I'm in Korea.. it's actually 27th (how cruel is that???LOL)

I had an advance birthday celeb with Asul and my in-laws in Buyeo last Saturday:) I was actually surprised cos I wasn't expecting anything for my birthday this year (errrr... okay, actually I WAS expecting... but only a little.haha:) The 7th fell on a Monday and it's always a busy day. But it so happened that the family decided to spend the weekend in the county for a mini-kimjang session:) And since almost everybody would be there, Asul secretly asked his sister to buy me a cake and have my "saeng-il pa-ti" (birthday party) as well.

Last year, I had an ice cream cake with a cool snowman on top... This year, I had sweet potato cake with 8 mice on top! (i didn't know at first whether I should find it cute or gross!hahahah But i decided to stick to the former:)

It was one heck of a mouse!lol yum!:)



oh, Belated Happy Birthday, Phoebe... yes, i first thought the cake looked really strange too. sorry, really.. haha... but i bet it was delicous...


happy birthday! here's to a lot more birthdays, wonderful kimjang sessions, and mice-less cakes to come!


@ jehan & emma-

thank you! next time sana kahit si mickey or minnie mouse na lang!lol tc!:)


wow that's a cute cake ^^ saeng=il chukahamnida!


hehe ikaw ha? di ka nagiinvite! Eto naman... Happy Birthday, feebs! Ilan beses na kita nabati kahit sa fb eh!


@ joel- super thank you naman. oo nga, ilang beses ka nang bumati!lol salamat ulet:)


hi phoebe, belated happy birthday! i think the cake looks cute-)


@ april ulet- di ako makapagcomment sa blog mo. something's wrong.

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