Breathless (literally!)

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... after belting out Breathless of The Corrs, with matching dance moves in the Christmas party last Wednesday in English Cafe.hahaha

We had a party slash singing contest in the public library where I'm studying Korean. English Cafe is actually for Koreans studying English with some study groups and Native English teachers. But they're also offering Korean classes for expats.

Anyway! It was a pop song contest and I just had the guts to join since I would be in a group. I could just lip-synch or something and let the others do the singing!hahaha and besides it would be fun... (it's been ages since I did anything like this..ummm... grade school??lol)

*This is me with my classmates and our teacher:)

Oh, have I mentioned we got the second place? Not out of three but nine groups??lol And it came with some prize (monetary! *wink* ) I mean, just how cool is that?haha I just had an early Christmas gift! And I can't even

Being breathless for a few minutes wasn't that bad:)


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