A Christmas Walk

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I had a blast when we went for a walk in Gwanghamun Square last Christmas. They're having the Seoul Festival of Lights this month and it was just incredible:)

This was the video concert of the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra projected to the facade of KT Building.

And below is the light installation showing Korean traditional patterns like chrysanthemums and lotus blossoms.

The guy sitting down here was King Sejong. He's the only person in Korean history that I actually remember!lol Cos he's known for inventing "Hangul" or the native alphabet of the Korean language.

And here's the huge Christmas tree behind King Sejong's monument. It was too crowded, right?!

And there were ice rinks,too! There was one for ice skating and the other one, the picture below, for sled-riding. I would have tried it out if I were wearing more comfortable (and warm!) clothes... cause it was freezing cold! Oh, try to look at the snow in the picture. It was snowing!!!

We ate warm "odeng" or fish cake in one of the stalls on the sidewalk afterwards:)

After shedding some tears on Christmas Eve while talking to my mom over the phone (and overhearing my relatives' laughter... im soooooo envious I just wanted to be there, too!), this walk with Asul was a real treat for me. Plus there was snow!hahaha

HAPPY CHRISTMAS everyone! :)


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